VSLive! Orlando Workshop/Session Materials

Well I’ve just gotten back from Orlando, after 4 days of VSLive!. The show was a great success, and there was a lot of incredible content across a wide variety of topics for developers.

I especially want to thank all the friendly folks that attended my full-day SQL Server 2008 workshop on Sunday; you guys made it a lot of fun! As promised, I am posting all the workshop materials (slides + code) for you to download. Even a full day wasn’t enough time to show off all the demos, so I definitely encourage everybody to explore all the code.

For those of you that missed the workshop but attended my Beyond Relational talk on Wednesday morning, the material for that session is a subset of the workshop materials, so you’ll find all the slides+code from the session in the workshop materials download.

Because WordPress doesn’t permit posting .zip files, I’ve pulled the old extension rename trick. So to download the zip, follow these steps:

  1. Click this link: 20091004 VSL_LobelOrlando_SQL08Workshop
  2. Choose to Save (not Open) and download the file
  3. Rename the file, changing the extension from .doc to .zip

Thanks again everybody, and happy coding!